How a Memory Book for Older People Can Help: Elizabeth’s Story

What is it like creating a memory book for older people such as a Teacup LifeStory Book? The process of making a memory book for older people like a Teacup LifeStory Book can have important therapeutic benefits, as well as producing a lovely hardback book. More than just a memory book for older people Recently […]

Teacup LifeStory Book – Like a Phoenix From the Ashes

The origins of the Teacup Lifestory Book as told by Teacup Dementia Therapy founder Heather Manktelow. Strength and positive change can result from unexpected adversity…. just like the phoenix rising from the ashes on our Royal College of Occupational Therapy (OT) crest and the philosophy of our profession…. this is what we OTs promote, know […]