Other Services To Support You

We also work with our clients to develop packages of therapy for people living with dementia, and their carers, that go beyond LifeStory work. We are delighted to partner with TanDEM Care to provide these services.

TanDEM care patient

A Message From TanDEM Care

TanDEM Care joins you on the dementia journey offering 1:1 support at every stage from diagnosis to end of life.

All our services support families and individuals through video technology from the comfort of your home.  You need no knowledge of computers or even WiFi, we take care of all the technology.

Our personal programmes help families navigate the dementia journey, from cognitive stimulation therapy for those living with dementia, to therapists working with informal carers providing personal and practical therapeutic relationships that promote resilience. 

We are leading the way in dementia care and highly recommend visiting our website.