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"The day to day routine of looking after someone with dementia, especially during lockdown, can wear you down. As my mother’s carer, I sometime only see the person she is now."
"It was very enjoyable. The technology was easy and communication was engaging. We enjoyed recalling memories and hearing some stories that I didn’t know. Also talking to someone who seemed really interested in my mother’s life."
"We have both really enjoyed the whole process of working with your Teacup Memory Guide to put together Gordon’s LifeStory Book. It is something we feel we should have done with Gordon’s mother who lived in the East End of London and nearly lived to be 100."
"This whole process has made me realise not to leave things too late. Make sure you get all the pictures, stories, writings etc. early on. So many stories have already been lost. You always think there will be more time."
"The concept of collaboration of everyone involved in the care and support of loved ones to capture memories that can never be lost to aid their personalised care is just wonderful!"

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